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Gardening is easier than

you think!

If you've always wanted a personal garden but didn't know how to get started, Rhinehart Farms Backyard Garden can help! The health and financial benefits of knowing how and where your vegetables are grown is extremely important. Contact us for a FREE consult and quote.

Backyard Garden

If you have always wanted a garden of your own but either don't know how to design one or simply don't have time to maintain it, call Rhinehart Farms and let us take care of all your gardening needs. Just imagine the savings and health benefits of growing your own vegetables in your own backyard. Call us now for a free quote on your next garden project.

What We Offer

- Garden Design

- Garden Build out

- Chicken Coop Build

- Raised Beds

- Weekly and Monthly Maintenance

- Planting and Cultivating

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